Generation Rise: Middle East and North Africa featured on Olympic Channel

Ultramarine Films is proud to present a documentary series produced for the Olympic Channel that shows what it takes to be an up and coming athlete in the Middle East and North Africa:

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Using state of the art camera technologies, photo real computer graphics and cutting edge experiments, this series will take the viewer on a journey beyond the human eye to explore the secrets and history of the world around us – the Elements. Each episode of this 6 x 1 hour series sets out to investigate the very essence of life: from the water that we drink, to the electricity in our homes, to the air that we breathe. Production begins in September 2014 with the series airing in 2015. 

Ocean Super Predator reaches over 6 million hits on YouTube

Ultramarine’s shark mystery epic ‘The Search for the Oceans Super Predator’ garnered even more attention in June when the Smithsonian Channel in the US (currently airing the documentary weekly) uploaded a 3 minute clip to the their YouTube channel, which can be viewed by clicking here. The excerpt tells of Dave Riggs initial tagging of the shark named Alpha, and the surprising data the team received from the salvaged tag. The video achieved more than 4 million views in a single week, and currently stands at just under 6 and a half million, sparking a great discourse of theories in the YouTube comment section community with over 2000 comments.

‘Hunt for the Super Predator’ next airs on the Smithsonian Channel in the US on 21st July at 16:00 and repeated the 22nd July at 05:00.

The Oceans Super Predator goes viral

As pre-production begins on a follow up documentary to ‘The Search for the Oceans Super Predator’, media outlets across the globe have been running stories about what could have killed Dave Rigg’s tagged shark, including The Daily Mail, RT, The Metro,  New York Post and the Huffington Post. This sparked a frenzy of debates on social media about what happened to the 9ft Great White, capturing the imagination of those hoping the ‘megalodon’ exists, which led to dozens of science websites and the public posting their own theories, such as Mysterious Universe and a thread on reddit. The decade long mystery continues, watch this space for more updates.

‘Hunt for the Super Predator’ next airs on the Smithsonian Channel in the US on 21st July at 16:00 and repeated the 22nd July at 05:00.

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New Project: Lakwhiya

Ultramarine Films have been commissioned to produce a thirteen-part, high-end factual series for Al Rayyan Television entitled ‘Lakwhiya’. Production begins in February 2013.


LAKWHIYA is a high-action, character led documentary series that follows the professional path of Qatar’s most highly trained men and women as they undertake their daily public service duty in real time scenario’s within Qatar’s internal security force proudly known as Lakwhiya. The title ‘Lakwhiya’ is a word once used by Qatari’s of old to describe tribesmen who were close to the Emir and were assigned, but unpaid, to maintain law and order and keep the well being of the Qatari society, motivated by their love of Allah, their country and their commander. This thirteen part documentary will tell the inside and complete story of the modern Lakwhiya Forces, profiling remarkable feats of training, dedication, sacrifice and daring that every member of the Lakwhiya forces have to draw upon each and every day.

Format: 13 x 30 mins / HD Factual Series
Funding Partner: Al Rayyan TV
International Sales: Al Rayyan Media & Marketing

Future Qatar

Ultramarine Films are thrilled to announce the commission of an exciting thirteen part factual series for Al Rayyan Television entitled ‘Future Qatar’. Production is due to begin in September 2012 with the series due for broadcast in the first quarter of 2013.

Future Qatar

Nowhere on the planet is undergoing such a seismic transformation as Qatar. Throughout history the world’s great civic centres have emerged when opportunity, endeavour and hope have each intersected on the human map. Now, from the sands of the desert, Qatar is rising as a new centre of the globe. In 2005, when His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani released his intricately detailed master development plan for his beloved nation – now known as Qatar 2030 – he served his people and the world with a daring vision where Qatar would become a global centre of knowledge, politics, commerce and culture, renowned for its international influence. Seven years on, the Emir’s vision is becoming a reality and the whole world is paying attention. FIFA’s decision to name Qatar as the host nation for the World Cup 2022 has helped to signal the launch of an unprecedented wave of investment in Qatar’s social and industrial infrastructure. This ground breaking documentary series stands witness to the current spectacular evolution of Qatar and the thrilling human stories behind its incredible transformation.

Format: 13 x 30 mins / HD Factual Series
Funding Partner: Al Rayyan TV
International Sales: Al Rayyan Media & Marketing